Did I tell you Katie recently had her first vacation? And boy did she freak out! Since it was her first air travel, we were little apprehensive. Various airlines have different requirements and we had to fit somewhere. Also we had decided that we would take her in the cabin along with us as opposed to putting her in the luggage hold. So to take her in-cabin, you need to have the right cage/crate which is IATA approved.  After visiting several pet shops and returning home empty handed – reasons varying from poor quality, weight, to no compliance of IATA norms. Finally, we zeroed upon a fiber cage on Amazon.

The weight of the case came to around 1.7 kgs (Perfect!) and the body of the case is very sturdy. An absorbent mat was placed on the floor and Katie was ready to go on her first vacation.

Since we had a couple of weeks before our journey, we started taking Katie in the cage. She seemed very comfortable and we had taken 2-3 hours’ roadtrips with her inside and she didn’t complain. Trust me! If she hadn’t liked being inside the case, she would bring the house down until she is taken out – that’s how she is!

On the day of her journey, she stayed inside the cage from 8.30 am to about 1 pm till we were outside Guwahati Airport and she was such a gem! And because it’s light-weight I had no problem keeping it on my lap for over 2 hours.

Needless to say, if you are travelling with your pet, make sure you buy this Fiber Cage for Cats and Dogs. It’s a onetime investment that will ensure that you have a hassle-free travel with your furry one!